Thursday, June 28, 2007



When: 30th June 2007, Saturday. First set starts at 2.15pm

Where: Sentosa, Siloso Beach


When: 1st July 2007, 3.30pm

Where: Cineleisure


When: 7th July 2007, Saturday. 3pm

Where: Orchard Library
I'm going for an audition with a pub band this Sunday in which I'll be playing keys and singing harmony and maybe the odd song. I have to prepare 18 songs. Should be easy, I've already done the chords for 6-7 of the songs. Am also going to audition with another guitarist for a duo gig. Plus I'll be jamming with Freddie's band this coming Friday.

You'll probably going, "is she mad?!" I don't know if I am. Its this inexplicable push for me to play music every single waking moment of my life. If I had my way, I'd do nothing but practice and perform every day. Sometimes I get so frustrated. When is my big break going to happen? I told Jenson today, I don't even mind rehearsing everyday.

But I know all this has a downside. All this busy-ness has pulled me far apart from my friends. I was just thinking to myself the other day. If I were to disappear one day, how long would it take for my friends to find out I was gone.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Easy Sunday: David Tao's Rehearsal and Hot Fuzz

Yesterday was a good day. I managed to get three hours of practice on the piano, watched David Tao's rehearsal for his upcoming concert tour, AND watched Hot Fuzz with a very good friend.

The rehearsal was an eye-opener. I loved the arrangements and everyone looked so happy to be there. I wish I had the chance to tour too. I need my big break!

School has started. And I'm back to teaching at the schools. Sigh. I don't know why I started in the first place. Money's good but the atmosphere is so, bleah.
It drains all the life force out of me I swear.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


The early morning calm was pierced by frantic sirens. Minutes later, the sounds of whirring helicopter rotors could be heard....if you think this is part of a movie, you're wrong. It was one of my real-life dramas in Melbourne. This was the day of the shooting - when a solicitor was killed and a backpacker wounded, all in their bid to save a woman being attacked by another man. I wasn't there, but the drama was real all the same, Stanley's house being just one block away from the crime scene. An hour later, police patrols sounded sirens and advised the residents in that area not to leave their houses. Me and Stanley stayed home till after 1, and even then, we were quite paranoid while we were out. I hope they catch the killer.

My other drama was with a stupid travel agent, who happens to have the same name as me. I was almost stuck in Melboune without a return ticket all because of the travel agent, who helped me rebook another flight but failed to advise the airline on the ticket number. So, they cancelled my new flight booking. Luckily I checked the day before I was to leave. When I called her, she was very defensive. I mean, it was obviously her fault. Who else would have my ticket number?! What made me even more fuming mad was when she said, "Hey, I'm doing you a favour. I didn't even charge you for it." At the end of my tether, I called Emirates in Singapore and this very nice lady was so patient and understanding. When she helped me revalidate the ticket, I almost cried. I'm still mad. What an attitude! When I lodge a complaint with CASE, lets see who has the last laugh.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Melbourne Ver 2

Stanley finally got his internet set up. Boy, Australians are so efficient. And so hardworking. Wait a min, do you detect a faint hint of sarcasm? You are right. I hate the way they do things here.

I just got back from Camberwell Market. Lots of good buys today! I'm excited. I've got an awesome gold bangle from the 70's, two cheongsams from the 70's and this pretty little hand mirror with ornate detailing in silver, from the 50's. One of the sellers was this 85 year old lady who remembered me from the last time I came down in Jan. She sets up and packs up the stall all on her own every week. 85 years of age! Imagine!

Am going to check out the St Kilda Arts Market in a while. Updates later! Ciao..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ear Candy.


Okay, so far, i've been watching alot of CSI. Too much, in fact. I've finished watching the latest season of CSI Las Vegas and am currently midway through the latest season of CSI New York. Its depressing. Most of the time. And I'm becoming a little paranoid. Like there could be danger lurking around every corner. And then my over active brain goes into overdrive.

Okay, so that's how I spent my first week in Melbourne. Loads of sleeping involved too. Not to mention shopping. I've got my boots, my shoes, dresses, and some earrings. The DFO here is really cheap. But then everything is about the same. Pinafore dresses are big here. So are tights, stockings and boots. Not to mention skin tight jeans and long winter coats. But the asians? Different story. All Jap fashion. So boring...and not to mention ugly!!

Okay, its back to CSI now...internet should be up from tomorrow so i'll have more to do. You'll never imagine how bad life is without internet.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back in Melbourne

I'm in Melbourne now. The smell of the city is still the same. That's good. Heh. My flight was a breeze. I had the window seat and the next two seats were empty. Food was great and service was excellent. I'm definitely flying Emirates again. Bad thing is, my flight was delayed by an hour...meaning that I got to Mel at about 1.40a.m. and then had to wait till 2.25am for the Skybus into town. Taking a cab would have cost me bloody $50. No way.

While waiting for the bus, I chatted with this Aussie woman from Burnley. She just got back from Dubai. As it turned out, she was supposed to go on a five and a half week tour around Russia and the Baltic States. But when she arrived in Dubai, she was told that her Russian visa was not valid. She stayed for a night in Dubai trying to get the visa settled but to no avail...the next day she got on a plane headed for Melbourne. What a bummer! And then she started crying while she was talking to me. OMG, here am I, freezing my butt off in the queue and this woman is crying. What am I supposed to say?! So I hastily changed the topic. Argh. Shouldn't have sat there in the first place.

Watched Pirates, again with Stanley. It's still funny. Especially the pirate lord with the high-pitched voice. Haha. Oh and I keep telling my friends about that episode from Family Guy with Peter and Robert Losure (is that how you spell it?). Yes, it still hasn't lost its charm. Yet. But Stanley can't stand it already.

Anyways, I miss hanging out at the shop and at Pitch Black. By association, that means I miss hanging out with Shu and Elizabeth. Sigh.

On the upside, I've managed to borrow a keyboard from Saturday onwards, so that means I can go practice.

Now, if only that stupid landlord of mine were to get the electricity sorted out, life would be a breeze. Dammit.