Saturday, April 03, 2010

Zhang Jingna

Less than two years ago, Zhang Jingna exhibited at The Arts House, and now the talented photographer of only 22 years of age is involved in yet another exhibition.

If you have been to Orchard these few days, you might have seen some of her works in the Canon: Be Empowered campaign along walkways like the underground link towards Isetan Scotts.

I really really love her work, and it makes me even more proud that she calls herself a Singaporean.

Here are more of her works for your viewing pleasure. :)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Dining Out: The White Rabbit

My bro brought our family to dine at The White Rabbit last night. The dining venue was awesome! Dimmed lights, high ceilings, an almost cavernous space and great service from the wait staff.

One of the advantages of dining out as a family is that we can order many dishes, share and not feel like we've overeaten.

I ordered Mac and Cheese (don't ask my why I ordered such a dish when I could have ordered others, I'm still kicking myself) and their daily special - Beef Stroganoff.

Eunice ordered the Roasted Tomato Soup and their Scallop Linguine, Issac the Duck Leg Confit and King Mushroom Roll, while my parents ordered the Seabass with Olive Crust and salad.

I give thumbs up to the chef, almost everything was good (didn't like the Mushroom Roll much though), but my favourites of the night were the Scallop Linguine, the Stroganoff and the Tomato Soup. So much so that I just might go back for seconds....with Soap! :)

Pricing-wise, it wasn't as expensive as I'd imagined. Our mains were $29 and starters and sides cost less than $20 each.

The wait between each course (the waitress divided all our orders into three courses) was rather lengthy, but the wait staff plyed us with yummy fresh bread - a choice of ciabatta and onion roll (nice!) which made it quite bearable. This also gave us a chance to really talk as a family and this is something I really treasured last night. My sis said that it was the longest dinner we ever had in family history because most of the time at dinners, we gulp down our food and leave in less than 20 minutes!

For such a beautiful dining ambience, fantastic service and delicious food and not over-the-top prices, the White Rabbit has earned its place in my Little Black Book of must-visit eateries!

The White Rabbit is at 39C Harding Road

To make a reservation:
Call 6473 9965 or email