Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Superband Syndrome!!

Ok...i realised its been a long time since i last blogged. Not a habit...haha...what else can you expect from a virgin blogger...

So yeah, Superband Syndrome. I think i've done it again. Like you know, the feeling when you're crazed over someone?? So the person in question? Misaki! from Lucify. That androgynous good-looker in the band of 5 "ah bengs". Lucify's the name of the band coz they like the name Lucy. And "fy" stands for the five pple in the band. Its like the obligatory ah beng chatter. Haha. So how do i know i've caught the bug? Well, i've been online for the past three hours trawling the net for any...and i mean any information on Misaki...pictures, videos etc. I read his blog entries on the Superband Blog pages, and viewed the photos and videos. I mean that guy is seriously funny. You should see his captions for the photos...something to the tune of the Afro-cuban School of Ninja, seriously something to hoot about.

What caused this syndrome to be fullblown was the fact that Lucify was voted out today. Damn! I guess its desperation you know...like just in case you don't get to see him again, you feel you must find out all you can before you know everything dies down.

I could go on and on about his good-looks but i won't. Anyhow i think its apparent to everyone that this guy's gonna have a huge fanbase man. Funny, I didn't expect his voice to be deep, rather, I thought it'd be an average pitch? Haha...so don't judge a book by its cover.

Will have to drop by my shop this Fri and Sat since Lovie will be out of town on a buying trip. Kinda looking forward to spending time in HOITY TOITY again after so long. And it feels great to relax in a place you've put so much of your heart and soul in.

Another thing pressing on my mind is the J-rock gig on the 11th of June. Have to go get a rocking haircut and a new outfit. I haven't even thought abt what look i'm going for. And i'm seriously stressing out on how best to memorise those lyrics! Damn! Its like going to school all over again...well kinda.

Its 2.50am and I'm dead tired. So ciaoz till next time. Hopefully sometime in the recent future. Must definitely make the effort...but...not. now. tired. z.z.z.z.