Saturday, September 30, 2006

And What About the Truth

I like words. I like how words sound when they're put together. In the words of Corrine Bailey Rae, "I like to collect words and things I haven't heard before". Same here. Imagine someone spelling out that emotion or feeling you already had, but only more beautiful and poignant.

Someone told me that blogging helps her get things off her chest and out of her system. How true. Blogging can be so therapeutic. Its like each word that you type helps lessen your burden little by little till, all that's left is a sense of satisfaction and relief. A blog is like a friend really, only that this friend will never tire of listening or form judgemental views of you. I guess thats why so many people blog. Some for fame, like the two notorious female bloggers here in Singapore; some to keep in touch with others, but mostly, they blog to offload their views, their feelings.

I just read a friend's blog. Watching the silent drama unfold literally in front of my eyes. It's got a hold on me. How many people have witnessed the helplessness of it? I'm sure there are plenty. You're there, but you just can't do anything about it, except to maybe give in and you lose. Its an age-old game. Maybe things will change when we master how to play this game...or maybe, never...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Checking In

Hey peeps, thought i'd check in to let you guys know i've arrived safely. Been doing nothing but catching up on sleep, watching loads of cable tv (ah couch potato blisss) and eating. Hope i don't have to waddle home!!! Haha, but seriously, i gave myself a week off. A week off to stop stressing myself out and telling myself I really need to practice this and this amount of hours, practice this and this way, you know. Hmm...if i can keep my fingers and mind off music that is, highly unlikely though.

On the flight towards Sydney, the pilot came on the intercom and told us to look out of the window as there was a volcano eruption happening right then...and this was when we were flying over Indonesia. And sure enough, I could see the tip of the volcano, even at the altitude we were at! And the grey puffs of smoke that were emanating from! Amazing view... And then i looked around the horizon and i'm pretty sure i saw a few more volcano or mountain tops peaking out from the clouds! Oh, and a pool of aquamarine green on top of a mountain - was that Lake Toba?? Great colour, i love it! I think for my next dress? :) Wanted to take a picture of the fantastic sight but my trusty camera with all its wonderful zoom failed me. One, the volcano came out as one tiny black dot among the clouds and two, the batteries died on me. Jolly good. Sorry, no photos...yet.

Ok gotta run...gonna get some supper. Ciaos and take care you guys!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sydney here I come

Hi all, for those not in the know, yes, i'm off to the Land of Down Under for a month. A month of retreat, practicing (yesh, i'm lugging my guitar there) and hopefully resume my composing.

Clayton's been a dear - he told me not to worry about finding a piano to practice on, he'll work out something so thanks very much dude!!

So i'm off tomorrow, flight's at 10.30am. You guys take care and i'll update from Sydney! I'll miss you guys!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

too tired to post anything...view this wacky signboards instead...while i recharge...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I've been going to bed late these past few nights. Books are the cause of it, that is, the books i bought at the recent books warehouse sale. I bought 6 books 2 weeks ago. I've finished off 5 of them. Not bad huh.

I've been inspired by the go-getting girls of Ms Louise Bagshawe's imagination...for a moment, I really believed the sky's the limit! Last night, my tear ducts were held at the mercy of Eileen Ramsay. I was literally sobbing as i turned each page. So u can imagine, today's Monday Blues were really bluesy. Plus it was so pouring out there. A perfect backdrop to my mood.

I'm currently into a book about deliverance - the correct term for exorcism according to the author. So far, it seems to be about priests running around churches doing exorcisms...its been pretty boring so far, but the pace is picking up. Hmmm...might be in for another late night.

On a different note, take a listen to these. My soundtrack for the week...

Incognito - Still A Friend of Mine (kick-ass bass groove)

Des'ree - Gotta Be

Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The latin band performance at the Waterfront was cancelled due to the i came home earlier than expected. But i managed to catch a concert featuring Jason Carter, a guitarist from Britain. He was rather good i must say, his music featured quite a bit of Middle Eastern and Indian influence. The sessionists for the jamming portion were a letdown...ok, not both but one of them...won't name names here...although i'll say this - his saving grace was a pleasantly competent rendition of "Two of Us".

Managed to talk to Jason and i confirmed that his harmonics in one of his compositions titled "Going Home" implied the mbira...the sounds he coaxed from his guitar really sounded like the tinklings of the mbira. Talked to him about possible collaborations with the gamelan and he sounded really interested and passed me his email. So am gonna pass it on to Joyce (By the way, am glad you're back, Joyce!)

Am i being too critical? My ears have been too spoilt, i'm afraid. need i say by whom? Seriously, when people pay to watch a concert, it'd better be good, or at least be better organised and professional!! They were still soundchecking while the audience were being seated! Wth!!!

Before i go off tangent and start another are more choice, was out with the girls at Ichiban Boshi (not that place again!!! i swear they should give me a loyalty card)

Oh! I almost forgot....I must commend this particular staff from Carl's Jnr at Marina Square, who took good service the extra mile. First, he came to us and politely asked if he could clear our tray. Next, he came by, noticed our empty cup and yet again politely asked, "Hi, can i help you fill your cup with drink?" Stunned, I just stared up at him for a good 5 seconds (poor boy, he must have wondered what he'd said wrong while those seconds ticked by), then asked, "you mean you actually help people fill their empty cups with drinks?" i mean, all this while, i thought it was just self-service you know...which it probably still is. No the management has not started new directives so please do not wait at the table with your empty cup and expect Carl's Jnr staff to fill your empty cups. Only when they volunteer....and then, don't be like me and ask that stupid had first warning here. So anyhow, back to the story...i asked for iced tea, presuming he'd go to the drink counter and get me the Seasons ice lemon tea from the drinks dispenser, but that dear boy went and got me real tea, with ice, complete with a slice of lemon...awww how sweet... I would like to say my heart melted (which is partly true), but in reality, Jeannie and I dissolved into peals of laughter. Thanks dude, you made my day with your sweetness!

Oh, and another one to make YOUR day...yours truly was brought to her knees (albeit gracefully) in full view of hundreds of fellow commuters at Tampines Mrt tonight because she misjudged the last 2 steps of a flight of stairs. She reports that her black and white polka dotted dress with its swingy circle skirt pooled beautifully around her embarassed self and that she was in danger of being rescued by a handsome young Malay dude who was running down to help her. However, she stood up, thanked the guy and told him she was alright, and continued down the stairs as normally as her dignity would allow it. She is also proud to report that she was not harmed in any way during the making of this embarrassing moment. The only thing that was bruised was her ego.

Am going for a haircut at Casey Inc. tomorrow - a belated present from the Babes....who uncannily and novelly decided on this present...hur hur hur...thanks babes!

So ciaos for nows, got a long day tmr. Sigh. this week has flown by too quickly.

Friday, September 15, 2006

rain rain go away

i'm stuck at home because its absolutely pouring outside. argh, it better not make me miss my Ichiban Boshi lunch!

i've got time on my hands now, so here's an update on wonderful yesterday..

an impromptu BBQ at Lipstick Bandit...Haji Lane smelled wonderful yesterday...caterpillar sia!!!

the uncle and auntie in charge of the pit....

smoko break...

then it was on to J Bar at M Hotel for some action with Boys with Toys aka Pam and Dindo.

racking our brains for song requests in between sets, but we got waylaid...the incriminating evidence....

Joe the percussion man - he's performing tonight with a latin band at Esplanade's Waterfront. Starts at go if you're free...Stan says this is guaranteed goodness

Siannie imitating the man by the bar...who i swear did not move a single inch of his afro-haired self through the whole of the last set.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Once upon a time, there was a princess. Her name was Eunice and she had a lovely white horse. She was riding in the forest when Mr. Potato walked pass and complimented, "You're so beautiful."

Her white horse curtsied prettily and blushed. "Thank you." It replied in a coy voice. Eunice was so furious at its impertinence, she kicked it, hard.

Rearing her hindlegs, the pearly white mare shot off at tremendous speed, with Eunice wildly flailing her arms and screaming shrilly, "SAVVEEE ME, MR. POOOTATO!!!!"

ok, so that story doesn't have any relevance, but i thought it was cute. and no, i didn't write it. how should it end?

got an sms from Z today. turns out Now Playing will be performing again, next Friday at Gashaus. same rock gig. and just in time i might say, for i'm leaving for Sydney next Sunday (if nothing goes wrong). so its back to the jamming studio guys. can't wait...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Woohoo~~~end of the busy week!!!

recently found some really cool pics like the one above by this gal who calls herself Jojo Yeung. nice ain't it? and so true for me right now. :)

i am excited...this week is going to be like a window of fresh air. am planning to catch up on my practicing, going to the gym (which i am happy to report: i went for a yoga class today and then treated myself to a sauna) and also doing the tidying up of my looks like a typhoon just blew through. no kidding.

i also met Jeannie today for a great day of food (yes, ichiban boshi, AGAIN), shopping and lots of catching up. its amazing, some friendships just pick up from where they left off...its as if she never left.

we all have walls around our lives.
some are imposed on us.
some we impose on ourselves...
the trick to survival is how we choose to live within those constraints.
do we sit passively or do we push against them?
do we rise above what's been handed to us or do we give up?

remember and know who you are...

Camwhoring Episode 3

Its amazing what one captures on film when one least expects it. Hmm...maybe i should start carrying a camera around with me on a daily basis...

A palace fit for a bird??? Yes, its a bird cage. Some lucky bird...

Straight out of Jurassic Park...a classic :)

...until I saw the state she was in. It broke my heart. Am considering petitioning for the safe release of Miss T.

Shaken, and with a tear in my heart....i just had to have a few drinks with Joyce. This is at Villa Bali. Yes yes, i know we're smiling...just imagine you can see a tear or two.

Monday, September 11, 2006

ready? say cheese....

i proudly present to you, my nephew, Ian at his one-month-old-celebration two Saturdays ago (yes yes i know these are really delayed)...if thats what i can call him...what do you call the son of your cousin? is it nephew or second cousin (according to Siannie)??

witness the little prince as he sleeps in total surrender

and here are the first-time parents....

i dunno about the first time uncle though...

the sneaky parents-to-be...she'd better let me know when she's due....

then it's on to TCC @ Bugis for drinks with my girls...

Ling the fortune cat....wave ur paws, say hello :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

the week is soon to be over

phew, am i glad this crazy week is over...well, not just yet, i still have three students to teach this afternoon - all postponed from yesterday due to the MUIS gig at Hyatt Hotel. As usual, there was alot of waiting around at the venue, and i wasn't too happy, but as Stella pointed out, its better if we wait, rather than the organisers - more professional. Sigh. yes yes. to a certain extent i agree,but you guys know i hate waiting around and doing nothing.

But the highlight of yesterday came from an awesome performance by Soul Circle - Casey (bass and vocals), Wayne Gideon (drums), Joe (percussion) and the other Wayne (keys and vocals). This amazing foursome had us grooving and bopping all through the three sets. Different songs each set and mind you, they only had one rehearsal. Man, when you're good, you're good. All the songs were arranged differently and i came away more inspired than ever. My band's gonna hear a few more suggestions during the next week hehe. Right boys?? Midway through the second set, some guy got up and started dancing. I would'd be like a replay of Cat Empire, ok not really. haha. but the audience had their butts glued to the concrete seats. Where's the spontaneity, people?

Had a few beers with Mohd Noor and Stella, thereafter we were joined by Seow. The feel was amazing. Imagine the balmy evening breeze (which was inexistent after the beers we had), good music, and old friends. Sigh. The waterfront is my favourite place in Esplanade, to catch a show or to perform. Seriously, nothing can beat performing by the sea. Even though i'm such a heat-hating person and would probably be better off in the air-conditioned confines of the concourse, concert hall or recital studio. The Waterfront Amphitheatre wins hands down. Hint hint Joyce...our next performance??? :)

Was chatting with Joe and found out that he's playing with Boys with Toys at M Hotel. Remember them Siannie? The Filipino trio we saw or rather, heard at the Waterfront three weeks ago? So thats a new place i wanna check out. Interested, anyone??

Pics will be up next. Stay tuned..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

ma apologiez

its been a wierd and crazy week what with a run-in with a secondary school ah-lian, loads of latin american percussion and some gamelan time with very soft-spoken, shy and rhythm-lacking primary school children.

therefore, apologies for not having been able to write. there's more to come...for sure. ciaoz for now..