Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buy of the week

I must say my best buy this week has to be the Oxymask. A best-seller in Taiwan, the product was featured on a Taiwanese womens' programme (女人我最大).

With some time to spare before I met pianist Shane Thio, I walked into SaSa at Lot One. As usual, my weakness for shopping and beautifully wrapped packages had me handing over some cash to the cashier. In this instance, I bought the OxyMask. I wasn't too keen to spend $98.80 on a 50ml bottle. I was going like "Are you crazy?! Its almost a $100!!!" But then I was thinking what if it really was a fabulous product???

So I bought 3 5ml bottles for $29.90.

I was quite sad at first! I'd already promised myself to save money, you know with the recession and all, but alas, my hands and my head didn't seem to be connected then, and my hands took out my wallet, opened it and took out the money! In my heart I was still thinking to buy or not to buy!


I just used the mask and I don't regret the purchase anymore! Why such an about face, you might ask?



It immediately brightened my skin and smoothened it! Like IMMEDIATELY can!!!!???

The bubbling on the skin's surface takes some getting used to but after a while, it is kinda soothing.

It is recommended to immediately use any skin product beneficial to the skin (e.g. moisturizer or serum) after rinsing off the mask, as absorption is said to be maximized after application of the mask! I used my promegranate serum from Borba. And I can't stop touching my face!!!

***the next morning when I woke up, my face was as smooth as a baby's ass. I'm not kidding. Only my nose was a tad oily. Miracle!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today is the day...

Today is the day I went to JB again. I'm telling you, its fast becoming the place to go for me, mainly because things there are cheaper, and I only need less than an hour to cross the border.

Well, today took slightly longer because I went there during peak hour. Its very crazy at the bus interchange. Queues snake anywhere, and you're not sure if you are queuing in the right lane. And some people purposely don't ask, and sneakily form another lane next to yours so that when the bus comes, suddenly there are three lines converging towards the bus. Its damn irritating!
You know me, I won't give way, until Soap pulled me away to avoid being crushed by those people. Whats the rush honestly? Its not like the wait for the next bus is another hour!!! I shall make a point never to go during peak hour again.

Watched Underworld 3 today at City Square. The movie's fast-moving with alot of action, but I strongly suggest you watch the first two movies first to avoid getting a little confused. I kept asking Soap questions like "who's Sonja?", "who's Lucian?", "were they in the first movie?" - okay okay, I know. very irritating. But i can't help it. My memory short circuits when it comes to remembering movies. LOL.

I went shopping too!

Bought a pair of bling gunmetal silvery flats at only 39.90RM (SGD16.90), new lingerie at Minoshe and of course, I couldn't resist going to Etude House again, where I FINALLY bought the Tear Drop Lash I've been trying so hard to find. I also got the Magic Crystal Mousse Peel (the sales girl said this is better for application than the pack). Can't wait to try it!!!

And of course, I got to eat the very delicious chicken curry complete with warm bread from the oven! Yummy!

I can't wait for my next trip to City Square. Bride Wars here i come!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Retail Therapy Part One

Perfect for my new year's resolution! I found the awesom-est pair of sneakers INSTYLE online:
Cellulite “melting” treatments at a doctor’s office will cost you more than $1,000 (sans long-term guarantee). MBT sneakers have a curved platform sole that forces you to use your hamstrings more effectively—fans swear they make a difference and reduce visible dimples, and the price is way more reasonable than visits to the doctor's office!

Price: USD159

I love the soles on these brand new colorful kicks from New Balance. Reminds me of watermelon bubble gum! Each pair comes with a coordinating collector’s box! New Balance is so cool now!

Price: USD55

Buy at
Fashionistas in Italy (where these watches are hugely popular) have been seen wearing two or three of these watches stacked on their wrists. 15 colour choices and the low price of $30 sure doesn't hurt!

Cindy, I think you'll like these watches :D

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I just had to post this for compelling reasons.

Etude House!!!

I went to City Square at Johor Bahru yesterday and the new Etude House store was open!!! I stepped in and spent half an hour trying to find the Tear Drop Lash (because I stupidly forgot its name!). I tried and tried to explain to the salesgirl first in Chinese, then in English but she didn't know what that was.

But! I didn't go home empty handed! I bought a compact BB cream powder (smells nice!!)
as well as something called MILK SCREW. Sounds a little wrong! heh. Its actually a lipbalm/gloss that gives a subtle hint of colour to the lips. I tried it on at the Cozycot Flea today. I couldn't really see what colour it gave my lips, but my lips felt sufficiently moisturized. It didn't last long though. It comes off everytime you drink some water.

And I still want this!

And this!

A new product from the Etude House's Magic Crystal range - Magic Crystal Pack Peel
So I guess another trip to JB is in order!

Oh and please indulge me as I wax lyrical about the wonders of the delicious, tasty chicken curry at this little Taiwan (Hongkong?) food stall in City Square. The curry is not too spicy and has just the right amount of coconut. You must be thinking I'm crazy to travel all the way to JB to eat chicken curry whenn I can get it in Singapore. But get this! The curry comes with toasted french loaf slices. TOASTED! As in crispy crust and warm, light and fluffy dough! It is simply WONDERFULLY SCRUMPTIOUS with the curry.

And the best best best thing has to be its price! A set meal consisting of chicken curry, 3 slices of toasted french loaf and a choice of hot/cold coffee or tea costs only RM7!! Which comes up to less than SGD3! Whats more, you can top up the curry free of charge! And should you want another slice of that incredible french loaf, it will only set you back by RM0.50 per slice. GO TRY IT!

You know you want to!

Wow. They should pay me to advertise for them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is two in a row...

I can't believe that I'm so freaking jumping mad two days in a row! I feel like I'm getting high blood pressure already!

Can't we have a normal, decent, uncomplicated conversation? They say in a conversation, you not only talk, you LISTEN. But hey, YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO WHAT I SAY before you interrupt and jump in with your rebuttal and excuses. HELLO!!!! There's such a thing as taking turns alright. You ask a question, and I answer. IF I HAVEN'T FINISHED ANSWERING, BLOODY SHUT UP!!

It was YOUR choice to take up the gig in the first place, without consulting others. OKAY, so you consulted me, but what's the point? You'd already made up your mind to take the gig. SO MAKE THAT YOUR PROBLEM, NOT OURS!!!

ARGH!!!!! I'm so angry lah! How am I going to continue working with you!!!!! TELL ME!!!!!

Farewell Now Playing

After almost two years (or more?), Now Playing is disbanding (?) for reasons that to me are the wrong reasons. I won't apologize for having higher standards. Neither will I apologize for only choosing to sing songs that are non-mainstream (which IMO, only the music from TJ/Ringo and a few other bands are). I won't apologize for turning down non TJ/Ringo songs not because I only like TJ but because we can't do it well. I won't apologize for only choosing TJ/Ringo songs because hey, you couldn't and wouldn't try out the songs from the other bands I chose because "we think its too difficult". For the record, we didn't only do TJ songs this time around.

And lastly, I won't appologize for getting angry if a) you didn't practice b) you were fooling around c) you couldn't keep time d) I hurt your ego. I always thought being ready and prepared was a pre-requisite before coming for jamming, but I guess I was wrong.

WTH. We are all adults here. So say it to my face like I always do to you guys, instead of having to concoct and engineer some sort of situation so that you make it look like I am not being kicked out of the band but that we're disbanding instead. What? Is this a children's game?

The only reason why you don't say it to my face is because you know I'm right. You want to go another direction? Fine by me. I won't kick up a fuss. Finding new directions are always good and help keep the music from going stale.

But if you wanna go behind my back and say the reason for throwing me out is because I only choose to do songs from TJ, then you're so wrong. Don't be afraid to say that you didn't wanna do those songs I sent to your emails because they were too tough. THAT is the real reason why we're doing mostly TJ/Ringo songs. NOT because I'm too strait-laced to try out other stuff.

I feel disappointed, but what's new. I feel betrayed. Then again, what's new.

Its being fun while it lasted, Now Playing. Time to press the stop button.

Friday, January 09, 2009

BB Cream!!

My new beauty must-have (other than eyelash extensions) is....*drum roll*....BB cream!!! I just bought a tube of BB cream from Korean brand Etude House when I was in Bangkok. This is the Etude House's Korean's site which IMO is cuter!!

I also bought the Aqua Ice Sherbet spray for the face. It is supposed to tone up your cheeks and jawline. Haven't really used it so I'll save that review for later. BB cream is more important!!!

For those who don't know what BB cream is - its a cream that is a foundation, concealer, sunblock and moisturizer rolled into one creamy latte dollop of BB cream! Yes! Its magical, its a miracle!!! The best thing is, the cream will follow your skin tone, so no matter whether you're fair, or tanned, the cream will always suit your skin colour! No more buying new face powders whenever I spent too much time in the sun or whenever my tan faded. Trust me, it is damn irritating!

So anyway, back to BB cream. They don't have it in Singapore!!!! Grrr...the nearest is in KL or in JB at some Aeon Bukit Indah place. I don't know where the hell it is!! So near yet so far. I'm damn sad. :(......

because, there's another item I would really really love to purchase. And that is...Etude House's Tear Drop Lash!! Apparently, every touch of tear drop on eyelash tips creates a transparent gel layer on your eyelashes that sparkles everytime you blink!

How to use: Apply tear drop to eyelash tips after mascara has completely dried. Turn dial 5-10 times to dispense contents. So nice!!!

I so want it!!! Now, I only just have to figure out how to get to that Bukit Indah store in JB or go to KL!!

*NEWSFLASH* I just came back from JB and guess what!!!!!!!!!! There's an Etude House store opening at City Square! When I saw that familiar logo pasted on the doors of the still-renovating store, I went into exhilirated overdrive. Reverently touching the boarded doors of the shop, I almost kissed it! Soap was laughing at me all the while and I got quite a few wierd looks. But I don't care!!
Prayers answered!!! I do NOT have to go to KL after all! Thank you thank you thank you!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know. I'm late by eight days. But all the same, the new year is still new! So what are your new year resolutions for the year of 2009?

Mine are:
- to spend more time with my friends and cultivate our friendships
- to spend more time with my family
- i want to lose weight!!!!
- take up more music courses. I need to upgrade and learn other types of instruments!
- to raise more awareness for my babies, Suite Stuff and The Headbangers Brigade
- to have MORE TIME for SELF. yep. I need to continuously rethink my priorities and the direction my life is going.

Actually there are more, but these are the main resolutions that I really want to focus on this year.

Anyways, I just returned from Bangkok last night. And because of two really damn cool necklaces that came in the form of a hand grenade lighter and a pistol lighter, I was detained at customs for 45 mins. The policemen who were to interrogate me, took 15 mins to come to the immigrations counter. I mean, how huge is the airport!!! And then when the policeman came, he seemed flustered, didn't know what to do, stuttered all the time so much so that I couldn't make out what he was asking me and he dropped his walkie-talkie. Okay, so maybe I looked damn pissed. But you would too! They kept asking me how much the necklaces cost. I'm like, so are you going to reimburse me. They said no. Then ask for what!

The best thing? They kept asking me how to spell chatuchak market like 6 times. Three different people asked me the same freaking question. Don't they talk to each other?!?! In a bid to appease me, one woman started asking me how the situation was in Bangkok. I don't want to small-talk with you! I want to eat my dinner. I don't want to answer questions about possible protests, discuss with you whether its safe to go to Bangkok. I don't want to laugh and giggle with you about how good chatuchak market is for shopping. stupid. Just take the necklaces and let me leave! Waste of time, manpower and energy. Luckily I had Popeyes to calm me down. Mmmmm....yummy Popeyes. The biscuit tasted especially nice that meal.

Photos and videos up soon!