Thursday, July 26, 2007

4 more days to EDINBURGH!

Argh! Where has all the time flown to?! I've been busy making up lessons for August and finishing up what's left of July. Poor me has been working till 10pm everynight. Thought I could have a little R&R and watch a movie, but someone decided that work was too important. Yep. I mean I understand but i'm pissed that I'm not a priority. Okay, that's princess speaking.

Anyways, Sunday was the Heritage Festival gig at Suntec City. Highlight of the day: an 84-year old uncle playing the drums with loads of attitude. Heh. Damn funny. Shall upload pics soon!

I've got a wedding gig tomorrow at the Sheraton. The client had to give me a last minute list. Sigh. Gotta go cram songs soon. Like now. Oh, and tomorrow night's my last night at Keppel Club! Yaay! I mean :( Heh. Its too far! Only makes sense for people who are driving to go there.

Okay. Updates ended. There WILL be more to come.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bangkok Bangkok

This time round, Bangkok was great. Lots of shopping. Lots of eating and drinking. Coupled with a great night at Route 66 in RCA, with a bottle of Black Label, and the best salted popcorn ever. Mmmm.

Serene with her haul after our first day of shopping.
Yes, thats my humongous rainbow china bag in the background. Heh.

I saw this sign outside another club. Heh. Top 10 reasons for no entry?

At Route 66. Drunk but desperately trying not to look the part.

Vintage heaven. I found so many great dresses!

Queue in the toilet. If anything, it makes queuing more fun hah! Follow the arrows and the numbers.

At Suan Lum night market. Coke never tasted so good.

How does one keep the faith?

How do you keep trusting in friendships when time after time one more flaw reveals itself? How does one make herself understood, instead of being misunderstood, misinterpreted all the time? The key is open-ness and honesty. If you've got something against me, come right out and say it. But whatever you do, do not hide behind that cloak of friendship. Don't ever hide behind the facade of smiles and hugs. I detest you for it.

I'm so tired of doing so much. Game over. No more.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The First Suite Stuff Swap

This is what I'll be busy with in the coming week. Although I should have done this a long time ago, like last year when I'd thought of it. Anyways, do RSVP to
See you there!

Hustle and Bustle

The days of hustle and bustle have hit me once again. Not that I'm complaining. Its good to always have something to do. It lessens the chance of me thinking overly much, not to mention saving me from being too clingy.

Was at Feri's wedding on Saturday, and had the wedding bouquet thrown at my feet not once, but twice. Damn embarrassing.

Radical Context's gig at the Orchard Library went well. We got to know the guys from Peepshow, another local band. They liked our brand of jazz and funk. I guess the library people did as well, coz they offered as a monthly slot as their resident band.

I'll be starting my alternate Thursday gig at the Keppel Club this Thursday, so come on down if you're free.

Rehearsals for Dragon Moon and Rainbow Fish have started. Went for choreography session on Monday. It all seems very fun. Its the first time i'm doing puppeteering. Heh.

Anyways, its late, I'm tired and I think I'm suffering from PMS. I'll leave you with this...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I've just gotten the rehearsal dates for Rainbow Fish and Under the Dragon Moon, turning my already packed schedule upside down. Now I must go determine which student to reschedule or which rehearsal to skip. Damn. All because of freaking Edinburgh. Am already regretting my decision to go. But then again, knowing me, I'll be elated to be there when I'm there inhaling the smell of the cobbled pavements. I mean I've been comparing practically every country's smell with that of Edinburgh's. This time, I really must visit London. Really.

I've been in the shop the whole day. No sales. Just some random people coming in, trying and leaving. Oh yes! I got some shoes today that I'm sure Elizabeth will want to get :) heh. Will not tell her. I'll let her read it herself on this blog or see it on me. The best thing about it? It only cost me 8 bucks! And a customer just asked me if it was for sale. Heh.

Merlin's gonna come in tomorrow to get her 40's skirt! Argh. I can't bear to part with it. Its so gorgeous! And what a conversation piece it is! I just had this conversation with the door bitch from Velvet about the skirt. I'm so regretting my decision to put it on the mannequin now! Sighhhh...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A great start to a great week

Went to Harry's at Boat Quay last night with Shaun, Sherry and Soap. OMG, just realised that our names all start with S! Haha. Anyways, we were there to watch ChromaZone, a jazz quintet comprising of Christy Smith, Rick Smith, Eddie Layman and Nicholas Lee, together with singer Denise Mininfield. It was great music. Powerhouse vocals from Denise. Soap kept saying she scared him. Heh. You scare too easily Soap!

Halfway through the night, I got a call from Freddie, saying that we've got alternate Thursday slots at the Keppel Club, starting next Thursday. So come on down to the Keppel Club if you can! I think we've got three sets starting at 8.30pm.

Am listening to Joss Stone's album right now. I just love her voice. And her new image. :)

Check out "Treat Me Right" and "Under Pressure" on the album.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sat was my hottest gig ever. We played one set at 3.50pm and another at 6.50pm. In between, I played beach volleyball with some guys. Heh. Yup, in my dress :) luckily it stayed up. But my right hand seems to be in some kind of muscle pain now. Can't seem to do any trills or fast passages with my fourth and fifth finger.

Went for an audition with a pub band yesterday. My hands, thank God, didn't let me down. So, yes I'm in. But it might be a six night gigging thing. Stanley's not pleased about it. I'm quite excited about it but six nights seem to be very very tiring. Plus, i'll need to look for replacements everytime I leave the country. Which might prove to be a big big problem, seeing I'm leaving for Edinburgh on the 29th and then Australia in Oct.

More good news....Now Playing got into the next round of the J-rock Omasturi. We stuck out like a sore thumb. Me in my bright green dress amongst all the monotone cosplayer types. Heh. Our music too. Nothing of the screamo stuff. I could see question mark bubbles in the crowd when we went on stage to setup.

Marcus was infallible this time around. Which has been sorely missed in the past performances. I hope he keeps this up. Oh, and one more highlight of the day! Huimin in a skirt, well sort of. And makeup! Pics will be up soon!