Sunday, May 09, 2010

This Sucks

And is kinda scary...i mean the poster, not the movie.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

My 7 Favourite Things

1. Missing U tee from Ctrl. Have a look at their lookbook here.

2. Salad - my favourite lunch. Even better served with grapefruit, oranges and Balsamic vinegar!

3. This lingerie set by Emporio Armani. Megan Fox is the new face, replacing Victoria Beckham!

4. New Laflleche pens by Zebra with fragranced inks like Chocolate Parfait and Strawberry Shortcake. I like!

5. Pancakes. A must-have to start off the day! Swensen's has the best banana pancakes on weekends!

6. The HTC Evo phone. Touted to take over IPhone's throne!!

7. Cycling to the beach. I hope we can do that again soon!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Yulia Gorodinski

I love these self-portraits by Belorussian photographer Yulia Gorodinski:

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Day Eight of Home Exile

I'm only writing this post on day eight because I finally feel well enough.

I started getting high fever last Saturday night after Rissi's wedding and I took panadol, thinking that this time would be the same as anytime - I'd wake up the next day feeling back to normal. Well, the next three days was a nightmare, my fevers came and went and I started popping panadols like crazy. Stupid me didn't want to see a doctor for fear of being warded and not being able to be at the SYF for my kids on Thursday.

Finally on Tuesday night, I consulted a doctor who told me it was my inflamed tonsils causing the problem.....still didn't help. The next afternoon I asked my Dad to bring me to see my family doctor who didn't know what to make of it. He gave me medicine and asked me to come back if they weren't effective. At night I went back to my family doctor (see, I was desperate. I needed to get better by Thursday which was D-Day, SYF day!!!) and you know what he told my mom?? Send me to hospital.

Damn it!

So off I went to Changi General. I must have looked pretty bad because when my dad dropped me and my mom off at the lobby and I was slowly walking in, this lady quickly pulled her husband aside like I had SARS or something. pfft! That made me feel worse than I already was. Then Soap appeared and I was so happy!! Apparently my sister told him I was on the way to hospital. He was actually on the way to my house to surprise me and immediately went to the hospital instead.

The nurse took my temperature (39.5) and immediately hustled me to the fever room. Then the real nightmare began. I reached the hospital at 9pm and only left at 11.30pm. With a high fever, sweating, and not having bathed before going, I was a wreck. I think I looked like some crazy woman with lank, wet hair. I took an x-ray and waited again. The worst part is the waiting. I really hated the waiting. And finally, FINALLY, the doctor called me into the room again and explained that I had a lung infection (some upper mid level pneumonia). WHOA. I was like wait a serious meh? Then she said no need to be warded and then thats it. No telling me what to do like don't sleep in air con room or don't eat this or that. I think I left feeling more confused than ever. Not to mention haggard and dirty and sweaty...eew

SIGH. That's why I hate hospitals!

So here I am on Day Eight.

SYF came and went without me being there for the kids :( and I really realised how attached they were to me.

I missed the opportunity to perform at Esplanade Waterfront (a venue which I've been longing to perform at).

BUT! I spent more time at home and my mom has cooked dinner for two nights in a row! And Soap has spent more time at my house too!!

Luckily I have no more fevers. Hurray to no more sweating and changing of my entire set of clothes at 3am! and again at 5am.


P/s: Sorry for the long long post!