Monday, April 30, 2007


Breakbeat Theory did their thang for Get Off Ya Thang at Esplanade's Powerhouse stage tonight after KoFlow's set. It was freaking hot, even with one measly fan blowing at me. And to think that I'll have to be on the same freaking stage in June! Argh, the thought just kills me. How to look glam?!?!

Ok ok, back to the gig. Goldhill sounded nice. So was Snare. But after that, it went downhill. Sigh. We need to arrange. Absolutely.

KoFlow mentioned that he wanted to study in Lasalle. He says its time for him to study. Hmm. A brave decision. If he ever gets down to it. Few would take up the challenge of a further education at this age, especially if one is active and successful in his/her field. I mean, would we have enough time to study and perform at the same time?

Some guy, a friend of Kin Ho's came down with 6-litres of home-brewed beer. Very fruity, a girl's beer. 8 guys polished it all off before our gig even started. Drinkers to the core! I didn't know that home-brewing of beer was done in Singapore! Imagine if you could sell beer out of your home! Damn cool...

I'm not gonna upload any pictures tonight coz i look damn disgusting and sweaty. On second thought, maybe I will..when i'm in the mood.

Oh and did i mention? I hate gamblers. I know this is off-tangent but i really needed to say it out. Now that i've said it, in the words of KoFlow, "Peace, out"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gig Alert!

Come join Radical Context this Saturday, 21st April 2007 at the Earshot Cafe, Arts House at 8pm. Admission is free. Do get yourselves a beer, sit back and enjoy. See you there!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the men of 300

Okay, so the movie sucked big time. But it more than made up for it with all the visuals of gleaming hard bods. Mmmm. I especially liked Tom Wisdom. So he looks like a model, but really, he's not. A stage and television actor in Britain. Thankfully not some himbo. But you know who took the cake? Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes. As the credits flashed on screen at the end of the movie, his name came up. I kept wondering why I found that name familiar. Went home, googled him. He's the hottie in Charlie's Angels and Love Actually! The wonders of makeup. He so looked like a drag queen. Don't believe? See for yourself.

From this....

And this....

To this......

Yes, that huge, golden, drag queen creature is the Rodrigo Santoro! Will wonders ever cease. Hahaha.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

He bought me a little something from Canada and I'm unbelievably happy. Guess you can say I'm easily satisfied.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Recap of the Month

This month has been pretty productive, not to mention way out busy. But busy is good. Busy means more moolah.

So here's a recap of the month of March in Stan's life.

Did a two-week run of Under The Dragon Moon at Alliance Francaise. Good crowds, with many sold out shows. A lot of bloopers (as usual) with one actor falling off stage, Jon's ghostly tickling, my big fat red mole. Yup. The usual.

Watched Take 6! Okay, i have to admit. They ARE better than The Magnets. In fact, I could have sworn some of the acts are rather familiar. Hmm....some borrowing going on? Talking about The Magnets, Colin has left to sing backups for some singer of whose name eludes me at the moment. That's one less for the band. Wonder what they're up to now. Hmm.

Watched Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. My sexy trombonist and bass saxophonist. So full of life, vibrance and energy! And the glow-in-the-dark sticks and bangles were added fun - read: a meteor-like shower of those aforementioned thingies in the concert hall at the Esplanade. Yes, THE concert hall.

My gig with Now Playing at the concourse in the Esplanade. Went alright. But as usual, we could have played better, tighter, yadda yadda. The usual regrets after each performance. But! I'm glad we did not lose the crowd. They stayed. Oh yes they did.

My Telok Kurau Angklung group is getting better. Another thing to be thankful for, considering they're going for SYF in less than three weeks. These kids are real fun to teach. Gonna miss seeing them that often after April 26th. But that also means more time for myself and the shop which i most definitely welcome.

Its March the 31st. Phew. 31 days of almost non-stop working. Nothing feels better.