Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Wish I had a Reading Room Like This

This is actually a room in house owned by Artist Gunilla Holm Platou and her husband, movie poster designer Eivind Stoud Platou.

The bookshelf has such a lived-in feel to it and the stacks of magazines at the bottom look like mine (only mine is currently living under the bed for now).

-the exposed rafters
-sofa positioned just where the natural sunlight comes in
-colourful pictures on the wall

Music of the Moment: Janita

This week I'm listening to the warm sultry vocals of Finnish born Janita, who is now based in the US. I've included music from her three albums: Haunted, Seasons of Life and I'll Be Fine.

Take a listen and become a fan.

Haunted from her newest album "Haunted"

Firefly from her 2001 album "I'll Be Fine"

I Only Want You from her 2005 album "Seasons of Life"