Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm pissed....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"You got in his skin, and you know alot about a person when that happens."

Saturday, May 19, 2007

"I hope we'll always be friends as well as lovers and we never have need to apologize for anything."

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fufilling Friday

I made a major boo-boo today. Was supposed to wake up at 10am to get ready for an 11.30am class at Haig Girls. Was told that some NAC people were coming to observe my class. So at 10.30am, a teacher calls me, "Hi are you in the school already?" A blur me says "no, i'll be there by 11.15am to set up" And you know what? She says that the class was supposed to be at 10am! By the time I frantically showered, changed and got there, it was 11am. Class over. Luckily for me, Joyce was there and she taught the class for me. But I feel so bad! Damn. I wish I wasn't so blur at times.

But things got better from then on. Jane from LCube called to say she was sick and could I reschedule my practice time to another day. I effectively had like 5 hours to kill before my piano lesson. So I set my priorities right. Did what I had to do like send the shop's logo to make a rubber stamp. And then I went shopping! Okay, so it was more like shop shop shop, oh yes! gotta go make the stamp for Suite Stuff. Then back to shop shop shop. Now, I'm the proud owner of a pair of fire engine red slip-0ns, a grey vest and my best buy of the day - a blue tube dress rather like what they used to wear in the 60s. Slingback sandals are making quite the comeback I must say. Saw a few pairs that I'd like to own in the Pretty Fit store. Hehe.

Piano lesson was great. I almost wished I could have a longer lesson. Sigh. Now I feel like practicing so much...but am stuck in the shop. Grrr. Which reminds me, I need to get the keyboard amp. Like real soon.
Did i mention that i'm a proud owner of an out-of-production Boss Digital Delay/Reverb pedal? Its awesome. Gone are the eternal problems of bad pa systems of jamming studios. I'll have my own personally EQ-ed reverb. Can't wait to use it at the session tonight!

Ciaoz for nowz!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Street Smarts

I'm bored shitless in the shop! So, thought i'd blog. Heh. Not that I need an excuse to. These are some of my favourite photos taken by The Sartorialist's photographer Scott Schuman in Stockholm. Gee, I wonder what kinda photos he'll take of Singaporeans...

I like her pixie-ish kinda charm. And that bag! I want!

The epitome of cool.

I like the hoodie idea..hehz

Okay, so this is so Lohan and gang but I like the look anyways.

Armani anyone?


Okay, I'm officially not MIA-ing anymore. Heh.

Did a fusion gig in Catholic High today. Considering the amount of rehearsals and the fact that most of the guys are not seasoned gamelan performers, i say we did pretty good. Gambang and Suwe rocked!

I finally had the chance to really practice on the piano tonight. All 2 hours of it :) I'm glad. Its been such a long time.

Oh and I'm getting a delay/reverb guitar pedal that Marc assures me, is out of production. Can't wait to use it!

Okay, thats like a mini mini update. Gotta wake up at 6am tomorrow to do a workshop at Haig Girls'. Argh!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Creatures of Comfort Sale!

Creatures of Comfort are having a 15% discount their entire online inventory! My want list:

I'm loving this United Bamboo white eyelet dress. Perfect for our weather!

Octopi's Puff Sleeve Dress is simply the cutest. Yumz!

Eley Kishimoto's off-shoulder dress. Simply luscious!

Alexandre Herchcovitch Silk Tank - I love the colours!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My first drum lesson today was freaking awesome. Banging away can be so addictive. And Patrick, my teacher was younger than I'd expected. Er, I was imagining a round-bellied uncle, but when I got there I saw a goateed, tattoo-ed young man. Hur hur hur. The really creepy thing is, we both live on the same street. Sigh, my life is full of coincidences. I really don't need another.

I had dinner with my family. Its been a really long while. My bro mentioned that its funny how we all have to have family dinner when I'm free. I know I've been really busy and today I jumped at the chance to spend time with them when one of my students cancelled their lesson. Sometimes its frustrating how they don't understand that i'm trying to prove that I can make it in this world. Is this called existence? Trying to make your life something?

No surprise then that i've been feeling depressed lately. I must pull myself out of the doldrums but I don't know how. Luckily, the people at Pitch Black have been real buddies. Its amazing how you meet friends when you don't expect it. I feel blessed.

Its been four days since I've MIA-ed. Wed's post was written on Tues, so sorry if i've confused anyone. Not that it matters. I'm just a stickler for details. When it matters. Haha. Shit. Ain't making any sense now am I? I'll just head off to bed and try to sleep through the night without having to wake up and scratch my rashes. Urgh.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm starting my first drum lesson tomorrow. Some people might say I'm crazy for adding yet another aspect to my very busy life. I was thinking about it the other day. Surprisingly, I don't feel like i'm busy. I guess its because all the things that I'm doing are the things I love. Also, the more busy one gets, the less time you have to think about certain things or certain people. Ok, i admit some days it gets too much for me. Then when I take a break, I find my mind wandering....of all things, back to the work that lies ahead for me when I finish taking my break. Ironic isn't it. Me thinks i'm a workaholic.

Today was my first Tuesday practising in Republic Poly. The room's big and clean. Though i hope they put in the carpets soon. I was rehearsing earlier with the fusion group too. Damn fun. Gambang Suling and Suwe Ora Jamu shows alot of potential. Oh yeah.

Today too is my second day of MIA-ing. I hope it lasts. The flesh is willing but the heart is oft weak. I hate myself for that. Spineless girl.
When you think of me,
remember how I yearned,
remember how I ached.
Know how I longed
to be
a bright blue sky