Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To Bangkok to Bangkok

I woke up at 5am this morning to catch the 7.15am flight to Bangkok. However, Soap, who arrived at Changi Airport earlier couldn't find our flight on the departure board!!! Guess what? Our flight was changed to 7 AT NIGHT! And we got up so early and my poor Soap spent like $30 on the taxi for nothing. Sigh. I think we're both too blur!!

But anyways, I'm glad I have the whole day to stay at home and you know, just be around the house, which I haven't done in a very very long while. Its a blessing in disguise and my mom's pleased. I even got to buy her and my sis breakfast from Macs!

So anyways, I won't be able to update this blog till after the 7th of January when I'll be back. Till then, live the rest of the 2008 meaningfully, think through your New Year resolutions carefully and have a great holiday! Love ya! Happy New Year and may you always be happy and healthy.


Look what its done for elephants. LOL.

Taken from The Travels of Lady "Bulldog" Burton by Sandi Toksvig..

Mrs Wright had been advised to eat only raw vegetables. The noise of her vast molars sinking down on a carrot is one that will live with me forever. She seemed to time this masticulation to coincide with any remark of interest made by a guest at the table, and her booming crunch was inevitably followed by dear Dr. Young bellowing, "Did someone speak?", while the nervous Miss Wright appeared to play the "Moonlight Sonata" with her knife and fork...Miss Dennell was most forthright about this business.

"Must you eay only vegetables, Mrs Wright?" she enquired one particularly tiresome evening.

Mrs Wright managed to nod and spray small pieces of apple at the same time. "It's for the weight, you see. It will make me thinner."

Miss Dennell shook her head. "I doubt it. Look what it's done for elephants."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I saw and fell...


And I just had to post this again. Just because.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

This year, I received a deluge of Christmas sms-es and no Christmas cards. The number of Christmas cards I've gotten has been dwindling little by little over the years and when I received none in my mailbox this year, I was struck by a sudden yearning for those Christmas cards I used to get.

I remember one year, the trend was an inbuilt recording of a Christmas carol that would automatically play every time you opened the card. Do you remember those type of cards? I would always open the card and then quickly close it, just for fun. Ha! Those times are now long gone, just like many others, for example the sending of letters, even wedding cards today are just sms-es (i've gotten a few wedding invites via sms....so weird you know?)

It is too late to send out Christmas cards now, so you know what? I'm going collect Christmas cards the whole of 2009, as well as the addresses of you people and you're going to find a card in your mailbox from yours truly next Christmas! Yaay! :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back from Solo and Jogja

I'm back after spending 8 days in Indonesia. It was really fun and luckily my body waited till I got back to fall sick. So i'm now stuck at home. Will post more photos soon. I'm going to sleep now...

Friday, December 12, 2008

MAAD market

Headbangers Brigade was at MAAD this past weekend. Crowd turnout was ok though with alot of eye candy (read: pretty girls) around! ~heh. One pretty gal bought my cream vintage linen rosette and we asked her to pose for us! Can't wait for photos to be developed because dear Liz brought her bling bling pink old-school camera to take pictures! Ha!

Oh and dear Cheryl came by and got the polka dot resette which looked so cute on!!!

(grabbed this from her!)

However, I was disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm some shoppers sold for the items on sale (not only mine but items from other stores). When one is at a bazaar known for supporting designers, handmade stuff and new labels, don't expect to find bargain stuff! Go to a pasar malam then! I hate it when people come up to me and ask how much and then go, "Oh, so expensive!" This is how much I think the item is worth after pouring my blood and sweat into it. Don't be so rude and insensitive. Grrr...the nerve of some people.

On the plus side, I met a lot of new people, and advertised for Hepburn and Humphrey's house party this weekend (13th and 14th Dec)! Come if you can!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Free Frolic Fun Part One

People always tell me that Singapore is such a boring place and that its only good for eating and shopping. I do not deny that Singapore is an eating and shopping haven. On occasion, I've even had that boring Singapore thought pass through my mind.

So I was wondering today how to change a Singaporean's perception of boring Singapore (after all, it seems like we're staying in this country for good). I decided to go check out what events were happening around our island. These events/places had to be very affordable or even better, free admission. Its recession lah, can't be helped :) So here's the first in my series of posts titled "Free Frolic Fun".

Esplanade is always a safe bet as there are always free performances by the waterfront stage or in the concourse area. This week, catch Nightsound on Thursday at the outdoor theatre (waterfront) from 7.30pm, or Philsax on Thursday and Friday at the concourse. For your weekend, relax with my favourite Babes Conde at the waterfront.

On Fridays, check out the wonderful photo collection at the "Neither East nor West" exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM), Empress Place. The exhibition is on till 1 February 2009. Admission is free on Fridays from 7-9pm.

For some unique shopping, join Philo's, Suite Stuff, My Little Happy Shop, The Headbangers Brigade and Doinky Doodles at a House Party. Held at a house, visitors are encouraged to come down, browse through the varied items on sale in a non-pressuring environment and be part of the House-Party movement! Entrance is free. In case you might like to get christmas gifts or something for your self, sales are cash terms only.

If you like the outdoors, bring a bottle of wine or beer to your nearest park/beach after dinner and have post-dinner drinks under the stars. You'll be surprised at how much you enjoy your companion's company without the distractions of the constant chatter and music at wining and dining venues.

These are my picks this week. Try them! Who says you can't have fun for free!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Heaven Scent...

I just bought this Kiwi and Cucumber fragrance diffuser from the wonderful Ashleigh & Burwood. I love unconventional fragrances and this is definitely ranked up there!

To use it, one just needs to put the reeds provided into the bottle (using less reeds for a subtler scent and more for a stronger scent) and voila! You have a continuous infusion of the scent in your room without having to burn essential oils! Definitely a plus point for convenience!

The salesgirl also told me that this is good for the skin. How true is that I don't know but its happy where its sitting now in my room!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Comes Early!

darling Liz just sent me the black organizer I was blogging about last month. Thanks dear!!! Love you!

I must describe it to you! It has ample space for daily inputs as well as weekly ones, there is even a free pack of stickers to mark out either the months or special pages. I'm so anxious to start using it!!! Can't wait for January 2009!

Speaking of January, I'll be spending the New Year in Bangkok! Was supposed to fly on Tuesday but the airport was still closed on Monday. We managed to change everything to the end of December - Jetstar kindly allowed us to change our flight there FOC but AirAsia still wanted us to top up $80 for the change in flight back to Singapore. Do they think they are actually going to be able to fly us back on time? I doubt so! I'm now a loyal fan of Jetstar! Ha!

I so need a break. I can almost feel my brain shutting down bit by bit. Going to teach everyday is getting harder day by day!

But some good news to brighten up my day! I just received an email from Helen of Cat Socrates that I've just made one sale! I'm so excited! Hee~

Secondly, the Headbangers Brigade will be at MAAD market at Red Dot this weekend, so do come down and lepak(hangout/chillout) with me k? Love ya!