Sunday, May 01, 2011

I am in love with

the neon green bag on the left (via stylesightings). The floral cut-out detailing on the straps is what sold me.

Costs USD1095. :(

Homey Weekend

I finally caught a break this week, working a full day only on Friday. Can you believe how awesome that felt?! *big grin

Anyways, as usual, when I have time, I'm always on the net, looking, learning, lusting and absorbing, in no particular order.

Here are a few of my favourite links/quotes/items I found/saw/read this week, again in no particular order. Enjoy!

paper eyelashes from paperself . My personal favourite is the deer and butterfly pair. its made of paper though, so one wonders how reusable this is.

this woman almost upstaged Kate at her fairytale wedding to her prince. I'm referring to Pippa, Kate's sister. Hotness....agreed?

sexy tights. ooh la la here

this would be a good addition to my collection of maxi dresses: edgy razorback maxi dress from static fumes

No stay home week is complete without watching a few tv series. I'm hooked on Korean drama "I am Legend" about ahjumas (Korean for aunties) finding their way through life and their personal problems, and finding happiness and fulfillment through music. Kim Jung Eun plays the lead and I'm taken with her beauty and gawkiness here. An adorable combination no?

I am also making my way through season one of Medium. Awesome stuff. Incidentally season one came out in 2005 and recently ended its run (season seven!!!) in January this year. haha! i'm a slow starter!

This week I finally finished season one of The Good Wife. Getting a little irritated at the hesitant heroine who is right now (at episode 23) caught between two guys - her husband and her boss/schoolfriend. Like make your decision already!!!