Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Live: Gotan Project and Batucada Sound Machine

I went to watch Gotan Project at the Esplanade Theatre last night. Awesome dance tunes filled the theatre together with the light melodies of the violin and jaunty accordion. The highlight of the evening were the electronics used - the tenorion as well as this wii-like thingy. I also loved the staging and lighting design. So inspired right now! And and and!!! The performance culminated in a 30-min (!!!) encore!!! Good, no? My only peeve? A dance outfit in the theatre?? Try a venue with no seats?

I went out to the outdoor theatre to catch the Batucada Sound Machine's 10pm set. Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!! Everyone was dancing to their infectious repertoire of catchy rhythms, cute horn section and adorable rapper!!!

Rewind years back to when Cat Empire came to our sunny shores and performed at the same place. Total deja-vu there.

I'm leaving you with Tremblin from Batucada Sound Machine. Enjoy!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

This Month I Want....

I've never really wanted a maxi dress this much till I saw the Paradise Stripe Maxi from Warehouse.

And I'm still debating whether to buy the Ipad or a Netbook. Went to the IT Fair (for the first time in my life) and saw a Netbook for $399 as opposed to the IPad (Wifi +3G) which would cost me $848.