Monday, January 25, 2010

Lets Drink to the newest Pub in the suburb!

Harry's has opened its little doors in Tampines Grande! Hooray! Now we can have a little tipple nearer to our homes minus the unfriendly cab charges!!

I had that little tipple with Ah Eng tonight. Was great fun....reminiscing about our teachers, friends and happenings at SRJC and talking about our lives today. I think we laughed too loud!

We have come such a long way me and you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking forward to...

my beauty products coming in on Tuesday from this online website that's absolutely bad for the pocket but so good for yourself! Well hey, I'd rather spend less on small samples than blow a huge amount on the full-sized amount when I'm not even sure if the product works. This way, I can try, see if it works then decide if I want to continue using the product. Plus small samples are great for overseas travels - you don't have to break your beauty routine just because you're overseas and have to haul loads of stuff.

I'm also looking forward to my first Victoria Secrets' package coming in 10 days (hopefully!!) I've got some gorgeous tops and lingerie! Can't wait!!!!

Oh and an absolutely gorgeous red toga dress is coming my way for CNY!! Ahhh~ the joys of online shopping. I simply can't get enough of it.

But seriously, judging from the amount of clothes I have, not worn and waiting to be sold, I've become a more discerning shopper. I mean its not like you can try on those clothes you see online.

Its not like I don't go to the shopping malls and shop. I do, but somehow, none of the clothes I see call out to be bought.

Argh..sometimes Singapore's retail scene just sucks!

Everything on the racks is made for the stick thin girls. And now there's the horror of bodycon dresses. Seriously, you can't wear those unless you've got a real proportionate and slim figure.

Sigh. I seriously need to get some CNY dresses pronto. Time's running out!

And it only seemed like yesterday was New Year's Day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I lost my shoes

Last Wednesday, after my gamelan session at Haig Girls, I was packing up to leave when one of my girls (this cute little Pri. 2 girl) came up to me and proclaimed

"Miss Tan! I lost my shoes!"

My first thought was "who wants your smelly shoes!" Then I looked down at her feet and saw she had shoes on! I pointed at them and she quickly replied

"These are my sister's shoes! And now she has no shoes to wear home!"

Aw so sweet right? Sisterly love. So anyways, we proceeded to find her shoes but they were nowhere to be seen...until another girl piped up

"I know what must have happened! The shoes must have fell downstairs, then someone picked them up and brought them to the office!!"

I thought "yah right, how far-fetched is that? More like someone hid them" But anyways, not to hurt that little detective's feelings, we immediately dispatched someone to the office.

And.....the shoes were there.

How awesome. The innocent child could see so clearly when we adults could not.

We lost the ability to think and feel simply as we grew older.

I am ashamed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday brunches are made for these

After a hearty breakfast of minced meat noodle (for Soap) and abalone noodles for yours truly at Upper Thomson, we head to Little Part 1 Cafe a little further down on Jasmine Road and enter our second part of Sunday brunch heaven.

Apple Crumble, Hot Chocolate with toasted (they really make a difference toasted) marshmallows and my never-fail choice of Rosebud Tea. The Sunday paper and old books sitting on the shelves.

I want to do this over and over again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reading List

I've just finished The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman in one day. This one is a keeper.

I'm starting on Dan Brown's newest novel The Lost Symbol. The title sounds promising though the book I have is hard cover and is gonna weigh a ton to lug around. I'm so not looking forward to that.

Updated 20 Jan: The Lost Symbol is such an apt title for this book. I got LOST in the book as I couldn't understand one word of Mr Dan Brown's jargon. Omg. You have to be a scientist to get/read this book! How lame is that?!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My PDL is here!!

I've finally gone to get my PDL and thus far taking one big step in the direction of fulfilling New Year's resolution No. 1! Hooray!!

I wanted to get this PDL thing over and done with in the first week of the year so that when all my schools and piano kids start next week, I won't procrastinate - which trust me, I'm so good at.

Well, toodles for now. I just had to share this nugget of good news :)

For those who haven't got their license, or PDL - you know who you are...get it now!!!! ok not now now, but soon!!!

okay bye.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Well happy new year guys!!! Without really feeling it, we're suddenly into the 3rd day of the new year!

Today is our 2nd year anniversary and we didn't do anything really grand. Just spent some quiet time together, catching up on movies, having two surprise breakfasts and cleaning up his room. Odd way of celebrating ya? I guess we're too lazy to really plan something grand and I'm just really really glad that we could spend our actual day of anniversary physically together.

So what are your new year resolutions? Or are you still thinking about it?

Mine are:

1. To start learning how to drive.

2. Finish paying up one of my loans by the end of this year.

3. Finish spring cleaning my room! (for those in the know, i'm still only 40% done, after 3 months)

4. Catch up with my friends more!

So there you have it. Keep it simple and real. And I just might have a chance to complete all 4 resolutions!

I'm leaving you with this quote:

"Be always at war with your vices,
at peace with your neighbours and
let each new year find you a better man"
- Benjamin Franklin

Happy New Year!!