Thursday, October 22, 2009

This week's music bath

I thought I'd focus on an Asian theme this week, seeing as I've just started having these urges to go karaoke singing these past few weeks (all started with Soap's bro-in-law's pub opening conveniently giving me an excuse to sing and then Cindy had to go and tell me she was taking half day leave to sing. Thanks -_-).

But anyway, I digress. As usual.

So this one from Fish Leong is a never-fail in my karaoke list (coz the only songs to sing are the Chinese ones. The English mtvs are too damn corny to see, I end up getting distracted and not singing but laughing at the sheer corniness of it all). Again, I digress. Sorry.

Here's my all time favourite: 不想睡 by 梁靜茹, Fish Leong.

Next is the overplayed and over-sung
祝我生日快乐 by 温岚, Landy Wen. I really love this song with its moving melody and lyrics.

I've never sung it. -_-

My favourite Japanese band: Tokyo Jihen with their hit Marunouchi Sadistic.

So there you have it. These are three of the many songs that I hold really close to my heart :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Quick Update

- Playtime is over. Phew! I can now celebrate not having to wake up at 6.30am!

- My phone has gave up its ghost, forcing my hand to change to a new phone when I'm ever so reluctant to. Is this a sign of getting old? This reliance on the old comfort zone and hesitance to change to something new and foreign. I don't even want to go figure out all these blackberry/twitter/qwerty pad stuff.

- Update to the update above: I now have a Samsung Pixon phone. I can't wait to take peektures with its 8MP camera!!!

I'm waiting for Sony Ericsson's launch of their almighty Satio phone. Its said to have 12MP camera function and music player function in one handheld set! Its not in the market yet I think. When its out...I might get it. Or not. Let's see if i'm comfortable with the Pixon yet. :)

- My next big job will be forming up a World Music programme for schools under Meiyin's Laras Ethno. Very glad as I'll be getting some extra moosh for this gig. Yayness!

- Have started going back to the gym again. This time with my gym buddy Serene! We have lots of fun as usual. I like the regularity of gymming and then having lunch with her. See? Comfort zone again. I have too many of them.

- Found out that Marcus (Mr Soccer Captain) from SRJC is staying in my block, two floors above me! He's been asking me out to catch up! I don't know why our schedules always clash and we don't get to meet.

I think thats all for now. Too many updates in just a week. I still love my life though. :)

Have a great week ahead!