Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Road Bully

Today after Hong Kah Secondary School's workshops at Republic Polytechic's Cultural Centre, a ravenous bunch of ladies (and guys in another car) set off for Causeway Point in Emily's car for some afternoon chow.

Emily is driving down this road and there's a green light. So she cuts from the second lane to the turning lane in preparation to turn into the shopping centre's multi-storey carpark and ALMOST bangs into this white car TURNING OUT from the carpark. She jams the brakes with almost a scant second to spare, and flashes the middle finger at the driver. The driver signalled that he was sorry and reversed his car.

I sadly report that if that were the case, then I wouldn't have needed to write this post.

As matters would have it, that idiot driver climbs out of his car in an ill-fitting singlet on his too-thin body and that ah-bengish tattoo on his upper arm. He swaggers towards our car with 5 raging females in it. Emily winds down the window and tells him to reverse - it was green light, she had the right of the way. He instead asks if she flashed the finger at him. Like DUH! Is he blind? Hello?!?!?! of course she did. She almost got involved in an accident with you, you bumbling twit! And then he says, oh, its a yellow box and he's got right of the way. Like hell! I'm no driver and even I know that the yellow box comes into play during red light situations unless its a yellow box at the white line (which in this case certainly wasn't). Eh, don't drive if you don't know the rules!!!

He obviously knows he's in the wrong, but then you know, has to prove that he's the alpha male (in front of the other two males in his car) and so falls back on the finger situation - "i'm sorry, did you just flash the finger at me" again. "I'm sorry?" Why apologize for asking whether she flashed the finger at you and apologize instead for almost causing an accident due to your stupidity!

Grrr....guys. I hate stupid Ah Bengs. That's why they're always on the lowest rung of society.

okay, rant over.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And I'm back!

Sorry for the tremendous lapse in blogging. Am in the process of wrapping up stuff in the shop. In case you don't know, Suite Stuff is closing its doors on Haji Lane. Our last day of business will be on Deepavali, so come on down and say bye to the place, especially if you've spent some time there the past three years.

Alot of people ask me if I feel sad. Of course I do, but not so much yet. Probably because it hasn't sunk in? But on the positive side, Suite Stuff will still be around - online and we hope to make a showing at the many flea markets and bazaars that now seem to be popping up every weekend!

I'm also excited to announce that the Headbangers Brigade has officially been launched! Its a site where I sell accessories for hair, all handmade of course. There are hair posies (hair pins) and headbands and more coming! Do support me and be one of the followers of the blog!

See ya!