Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Off Off and Away!

Tomorrow I head to Jogjakarta with my multi-racial contingent. Lol. We have three Chinese (Meiyin, me and Soap), 1 Malay (Amran) and 1 Indian (Arul). Maybe we should bring the Singapore flag. 5 stars arising. Just nice. HAHAHAHA. :D ok enough with the patriotism already.

We'll be aiming to travel around Indonesia, from Solo to Bali and then to Jogjakarta, where we'll be studying from Pak Pardi and Pak Joto in Solo, watching performances at the Bali Arts Festival and then in Jogja, more studying with Pak Sunardi and Pak Subowo. Amran wants to chillax so thats why Bali was included. Not that I'm complaining you know, seeing as I've not been to Bali at all.


But I heard there's a 15-hour train-bus-ferry-bus ride from Solo to Bali.




Well, I certainly can do without that. We'll see!

Adventure awaits!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free stuff!

Kose is giving away a free 3-day supply of their newest moisturizing serum, Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome that is said to infuse 24-hr hydration to one's skin.

Interested? Here's what you do.

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Easy peasy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Is It Me?

Serene will tell me its part of my character - Virgos are perfectionist people. But is it just me or was the show today too amateur? Are my standards really that high? Coz I certainly don't think so. What I expect of shows (whether I have to pay to watch or not) is that of industry professional standard.

Sadly, this show I watched today, dealing with clever monkeys wasn't all of that. Granted, the music and the dancing by the female lead was great. Excellent in fact. However what didn't work for me was the acting by the musicians (who really tried their best given their untrained circumstances), bad miming, and a skeleton script that wasn't fleshed out enough. Bad blocking by the cast added to the confusion - at times there was so much unsubstantial stuff happening on stage that I didn't know who to look at or what to understand, or whether it was improvised and therefore not important to the flow of the story.

Scenes were chop-chop done and gotten over with and all too soon, we're presented with the final act. One doesn't really know how it got from the monkey to there. And was the issue ever resolved? How did they do it? Hmm... I really don't know.

I'm disappointed. Because firstly, this show was put up by my gamelan company of which I'm affiliated to and if it is not a great show, its affecting all those in the company. Secondly, because my friends worked so hard for this show, which in the end didn't turn out so good in my opinion. Ok, so fine, you can say, that is my opinion right? But what about other people like me? Who pay money and expect to see something put up which is not just passable but good, interesting and of standard.

What's wrong with setting your standards high? People don't care if you say, hey but what we are doing is already a step up, a level up than our previous shows. These people weren't with us throughout our growing process and they wouldn't know anyway. So in they go...expecting what is only natural. Something of standard.

But of course some people won't understand. I'm so tired of hitting brick walls and making people understand what it takes to become a PROFESSIONAL PERFORMING ENSEMBLE.

Maybe its time to give up? Seeing as some people are blinded as to a certain ang moh's abilities. You wouldn't have given JT that support if she were in the same shoes so why are you now? Just 'fess up. You ARE partial. And it IS UNFAIR to all of us who also slog it out and have been slogging it out for years with you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its a long time to be waiting...

Its getting closer to his enlistment date. It hasn't sunk in yet. Everyone has been asking me what am I going to do. Honestly? I don't really know. Its two years. Two years of waiting till he is free.
But I do know that I am very very happy.

Going to be a mad rush for holidays. Been planning my schedule so that I'll always have free days every week to do stuff together. We've also been planning to go overseas quite abit..end June to early July will see us off to Indo for 12 days to study gamelan (so that's not officially a holiday) and then three days after we're back, its off to Ho Chi Minh. Its our first time there, so I'm really looking forward to exploring and seeing new stuff.

The week of my birthday in August will see us spending 5 days in Phuket. Jasmine tells me its it'll probably be a relaxing one then...meaning sleep, eat, and sleep and eat. Haha.

I feel like going to Melbourne too but with the swine flu in that city, I'm afraid to even fly there. So maybe it'll be Hanoi or Hoi An and maybe even Bangkok again!

And then after all that, its back to staying in the east, and having free nights and days. Then I'll start becoming a workaholic and all my friends will start getting calls to go out.

Sigh. Two years.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Tracy Phillips leaves Zouk

I'm surprised at her move. Coz I thought that she, having been so successful at her job at Zouk, would choose to stay and continue to climb to greater heights. Maybe, it was the end of the corporate ladder for her? Who knows...but I really wanna applaud her for staying in this job for 10 years. 10 years!!

I think its hard to move out of one's comfort zone, especially after having been in the same environment for a decade and I admire her for having the bravery and courage to do something totally different, especially during this economic downturn. According to an article by divasia, it seems she is going to be studying apparel merchandising at the Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre at Leng Kee Road.

So who is going to be taking over her position? It will be none other the lady by Tracy's side in the pic, Ms Mari Muramoto. Will be looking out for Mari's marketing campaigns...she has much to prove...

Hmm..the textile and fashion school sounds interesting. Let me go check it out...


I googled the school and...the course fees are not too expensive!! Its like only $1.1K for the apparel merchandising course, duration totalling 60 hours (20 sessions x 3hours)

Link to the school's info here.

TAFTC website:

I'm tempted to enrol for the basic drafting and sewing course. 36 hours at $450 ($423 with SDF grant), comes up to only $11.75 an hour! Now if only I can find the time...

My new craze: Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is a first person shooting game (FPS) and pits humans against infected zombies, not unlike Resident Evil and all the other infected zombie/human movies.

Yesterday, me, Soap, Liz and Silvano went to Paradiz to play Left 4 Dead. Hesitant to try it at first because I thought I would be scared stiff, plus my experiences with Counterstrike weren't too good. Apparently my sense of direction within the virtual reality world sucks and the whirling about vision actually gives me a headache. But, not wanting to be a party pooper, coz I know how much Soap loves it, I agreed my surprise, we played not one but five campaigns, lasting a total of about 4.5 hours! By the time we ended it was already close to 3am. LOL. Now I can't wait for the next session and am bugging Soap to get more people to play with us!!

Here is a pic of the boomer. What he does is shoot bile at you and blind your vision with green disgusting stuff. When you kill him, he explodes.

Actually I think he looks rather cute. So fat!

Another pic of the infected zombies:

LOL. I don't know why I wasn't scared. I'm not as terrified of this game as I am of House of the Dead (another shooting arcade game)

For those who haven't tried it, play it! I like the fact that the game encourages alot of teamwork. Also, it forces you to keep cool in the face of "danger" or you'll lose ammo in no time at all by blindly shooting when you're being mobbed. Better to pick the zombies off one by one. Now I sound like an experienced veteran. LOL.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Giveaway by AbcgrrL

This is the first time i'm taking part in this giveaway and I really wanted to share this with you! I think giveaways are cool and I like how they connect people from all over the world!

So visit this link and you'll be directed to her blog!

This are her rules...

Must be 18+ to participate.

* Must be a follower of + a blogger [I will be checking]

* If you are a new follower (#100 + follower), tell me who’s blog you found my “giveaway” from.

* Leave a comment and give me the following info.

1. Name (what should I call you?)

2. E-mail (for me to contact you if you win)

3. Repost my giveaway on your blog and give me the link via comment

4. Constructive criticism- Be honest. Tell me what you think about my blog and how I should improve it.


She's young and already knows who she supports.

bare-faced(butted) humour...

At the MTV movie awards, Sascha Baron Cohen dressed as his alter-ego Bruno, descends from the ceiling of the awards venue.....onto Eminem....and the poor rapper finds his face just bare inches from the bare butt of Bruno. He's so not amused and leaves.

See it here.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was all planned. LOL.