Sunday, July 25, 2010

Losing Weight with Indomie!

Yes you saw right. Losing weight with Indomie :)

As you all know, I've been on a mission to lose weight for the past like six years or so, successful in losing weight about 3-4 years ago, and then, as is inevitable, like what comes up must go down, the needle on the weighing machine has steadily been going up.

So, I've started going to the gym regularly, but its just not helping me lose weight fast enough.

Enter the Indomie diet! Hurrah!

The INDOMIE diet. This diet is a good weight loss program diet, not too healthy, but works.

The INDOMIE diet involves eating one pack of INDOMIE, the small pack, three times daily. A pack of INDOMIE contains approximately 321 calories. So if you eat three packs per day, you are eating less than a thousand calories per day, and your body would be forced to use its stored fat for energy. It is however a dangerous diet, as your body would be starved of nutrients, and diets of less than 100calories per day are extremely dangerous.

When you are on the INDOMIE diet, you take one INDOMIE three times daily, with no additions, except what came with. No salt, maggi, sardines and all the other stuff you would normally add.

You would do this on alternate days, so if you eat just INDOMIE today, then tomorrow, you eat your normal balanced diet, in small amounts too, to ensure you don't get malnutrition.

The INDOMIE DIET if done for two months, will help you lose a considerable amount of weight.

via africanweightloss blog

I just bought three packs of Indomie and I'm going to try it! Of course, in order to make the meal more healthy, I'm going to consume the Indomie with a side portion of salad (no dressing).

Luckily for me, I love Indomie!!!! woohoo!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Congratulate me....

on having gone to the gym regularly for 5 consecutive weeks. And i'm not even growing tired of it yet!

I recently signed up at Amore and gave up my membership at Fitness First. I gave myself quite a hard time over that decision. I guess the real reason why I held on to the FF membership all this time was because I thought it was cool and a "status symbol". I'm not kidding! People do actually view gym memberships as status symbols too - not everyone can afford spending $150 on gym memberships monthly (and not go to the gym, like me).

Anyways, so I signed up at Amore as I wanted to a)lose weight and b)start going to the gym regularly. Figured that as the gym was at Tampines One, and so accessible from my house, I'd go regularly. Turns out that the classes at Amore and thoroughly enjoyable. Once I started, I was hooked!

I still think about Fitness First sometimes and just wonder why I was so stupid to hold on to that membership for so long!