Sunday, August 30, 2009

Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

Introducing the new mascara from Givenchy: Phenomen'Eyes Mascara which has gained a lot of hoo-ha probably because of the shape of its er.. wand.

Apparently, this odd-shaped thing of a wand will help us lengthen, curl and volumise even those little lashes on our lower lashline.

Good news is its available in Singapore already - at SGD 39 in Nuance-Watson. :D

Declaring Indigo

Lancome has unveiled its Declaring Indigo Fall Collection:

Love the indigo and gold eyes - a glam night/stage look that really pops!

I hope I can find it at DFS this week! yes..I'm travelling again! Siam here I come!

Review: Formula 10.0.6 One Smooth Operator

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There's nothing really great about Phuket - its just a tourist island. Maybe I had too many high hopes prior to coming here. Or maybe its because i'm not staying at the bustling Patong beach, but then again who ever would like to stay there? Karon beach, where I'm staying, is more quiet and so much more suitable for someone like me who's looking for some R&R.

I'm staying at the Sugar Palm Resort, which is tucked away behind Malai Resort which is undergoing some reno right now. Looks like a war zone when you first enter the service road leading to both resorts. But do not judge a hotel by its service road. The hotel has a welcoming entrance, albeit with no airconditioning, friendly staff, and the best part of course has to be my room! We chose a Deluxe Pool View room and they gave us one on their highest fourth floor.

The room is all decked out in white, teal and dark wood panels which lends it a very clean and pleasant atmostphere. It even has a day bed where I can do my reading, blogging and what not! This is going to be my favourite area of the room!

I love that the bathroom has a separate shower and bathtub - I never did get the whole showering in a bathtub idea.
So far, I've already soaked in the bathtub twice with my handy blend of The Body Shop's Spa Wisdom™ Plunge & Purify, Divine Calm Serenity Milk Bath Powder Bath Soak and Lush's Up the wooden Hill Emotibomb.

We're thinking of going fishing out in the sea one of these days and we saw this Movenpick place, complete with Survivor fire lamps that we'll probably try one of these days too! A trip to Patong might be cool though the transport here is sooo expensive! A one way trip to Patong (which is just 10-15mins away) will set us back 450B (about SGD 19)! One way! So to go there and back will cost us almost SGD 40. Crazy right! I might just stay in the hotel all day, reading, surfing the net, soaking in the tub, watching DVDS or Discovery Channel. :D Now that's some R&R for you!

I would love to put up some photos but Blogger doesn't seem to be allowing uploading of photos! Grrrrrr! Will keep trying though!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Its over and then its just starting

12 shows, 3 very different productions, 4 days. I still love my life. And now I'm off to Phuket for a well-deserved break.

See you guys in 5 days.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Major 10.0.6 and Biotherm Haul!

I went down to Watsons to grab a few stuff from 10.0.6 and collected my Biotherm mini hamper from CLEO!

My Formula 10.0.6 haul includes:

I just used the Smooth Operator Face Scrub. Will post up a review soon!

And this is what I won from Cleo's Biotherm contest!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Receive a Free Vichy Sample!

Double Corrective Action:

  1. Pore Micro-Peel : Micro-exfoliates accumulated dead skin cells. Gentle on the skin
  2. Pore Firming : Clears excess sebum and firms the skin to tighten pore structure.

Women with dilated pores.

Active ingredients
Pore Micro-peeling & Pore Firming Technology. Contains Sebustop with astringent effects, Zincadone, LHA and Salicylic Acid.

Double efficacy in 4 weeks: Purified and firm, pores are recontracted. They become virtually invisible. Skin surface is perfectly refined and recovers to an ideal silky texture.

Skin type
Oily and Combination skin with dilated pores.

Apply daily morning and/or evening on full face before daily moisturizer, after toner, within Normaderm routine.

Fresh fast-penetrating and mattifying texture. Ultra comforting formula.

Security charter
Hypoallergenic. Non-comedogenic. Tested on sensitive blemish-prone skin. With Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

Want it? Get your sample here!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


L'oreal's newest mascara to hit the block: Ultra Volume Collagene which is reputed to give

- zero clumps (although I've read some reviews that say it does clump abit. I guess the trick would be to not let the mascara dry before putting on your next coat)
- smudge-proof
- 12x more volume

Sounds like a mascara dream come true. Which I'll take seeing as I can't get the Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe I blogged about on Sunday.

L'oreal has also introduced a new Beauty Ambassador Program. There are no hidden costs, except maybe the cost of sms-ing your particulars over. I say go for it if you're a L'oreal user.

How Can I Get Sick Again?!

After that horrible bout in Indo just last month? I knew I am very susceptible to flu but not this susceptible! Two flus in two months is just not acceptable!!!! This way, I can't work, no work means no money! :(

I did some research on the internet on how to boost the body's immunity system and found these very helpful websites.

Red Peony Health

Blood Index

Eating Healthy Foods

In the course of my research I stumbled upon a page that said that dairy is good for women who want to lose weight:

Yogurt: dairy for women has been shown to increase your ability to lose weight, but yogurt in particular is a good choice. It increases immune function and will add to your protein intake for the day.

Did you also know that yoghurt can do wonders if added into our skin-care routine?

From beautifulskinblog:

Moistening and cleansing mask for body. You need 500 grams of natural yoghurt. Smear your body with yoghurt beginning from neck to ankles. In 15-20 minutes add some yoghurt on the callous parts of skin, especially on the elbows and lap. After this procedure take a warm shower and then rinse the body with cool water. You’ll see the body skin is unusually tender and silky.

There are loads more yoghurt skin/body care recipes on this page from Nature's Super Foods. They are quite easy to make, all you need is a food-processor, and the ingredients needed are quite easy to find! If you'd like more recipes, there are an abundance of recipes on the internet.

As for me, I'm thinking of making the Nice and Zesty Yoghurt skin care recipe this weekend! Nothing beats using fresh products on the face.

What about you? Which recipe will you use?

Monday, August 03, 2009

List No. 2

- The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning (the fourth book in this series - Dreamfever, is coming out the 18th of this month. I can't wait!)
- Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan.

- Overheard, starring 3 great Hong Kong actors - Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu. Great plot and videography that really hits home. I especially love Lau Ching Wan's turn in this one.
- Hangover. Get ready for lots of hoots, laughs and great one-liners!

- The Living End - Who's Gonna Save
- The Noisettes - Never Forget You
- Sophie Ellis Baxter - Off and On/ Leave The Others Alone

- Kirsty Lee's blog : i love this girl's style

- Getting the music ready for "Into the Deep Deep Forest - Adventures of the Mousedeer"
- Planning the launch of Gammarays EP on the 21st and 22nd August
- I wanna try this heavenly recipe to revitalise my hair.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Luxe Issue

the Lash Blast Luxe Shimmery Volumising Mascara by Cover Girl.

Here's a vid by MsDebraMaye on her review of the mascara. As you can see, it really works. The thing that sold me though, was the shimmers that come with this mascara. Very eye-popping!

On the subject of makeup, I also watched this summer tutorial on her youtube channel.
What I love about this look is that she uses the unconventional colour of yellow and pulls it off very well. The effect is very light, fun and flirty. I'll definitely be trying this look when I have the time coz it takes her almost 10 mins to create this look and well, i'm the 5-minutes-out-the-door kinda girl. Hehe.

I just got home from lunch and I popped into Guardian and look what I found!

I know. Super cool! The larger box contains 14 ultrathin 32cm overnight pads ($6.40) and the tin holds 5 ultrathin 23cm pads (at $1.95, its a steal!)

For the budget-conscious gals:
Guardian also has this promotion that if you spend more than $30 in a single receipt, you get 20% off your whole bill! Do your math, and you'll find that the prices after discount are really great value for money!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Face Shop

This has been long overdue! But I've been so so so busy!!! My apologies! Here goes:

My stash from my latest shopping jaunt with Cindy yielded me:

- 4 packs of Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch
- *new arrival alert* The Skin Extra BB Cream (which contains SPF20!)
- two eyeshadows in brilliant black (BK903) and the other in a goldenish tinge (WH005)
- Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

The very nice SA then proceeded to give us samples, which of course completed our whole shopping experience at The Face Shop:

- 2 samples of Flebeaute Collagenic Collagen 70 Cream (improves skin firmness and reduces wrinkles)
- a sample of their Quick and Clean Oil-Free BB Cream
- 2 samples of Su Hyang Snow Maximing Gel Cream
- a sample of Su Hyang Snow Boosting Toner
- a sample of Su Hyang Snow Balancing Moisturizer

I immediately used the Raspberry Eye Patch and the Sleeping Mask from the same line. Haha, I'm a little OCD like that, I love matching the products I use, when I can, as often as I can!

Anyway, I HAVE to rave about the Eye Patch. Each pack comes with not one, but two treatments (you are supposed to have both treatments in a week) How thoughtful of them to give us more bang for our buck! At $9.90 per pack, I originally thought it was a little steep for an eye mask, but I stand corrected. No wonder its their best-seller!

Just after the one usage, the skin under my eyes felt firmer and smoother! You bet your petunia I'll be using this mask for the next several weeks to come! Looking forward to more results! I have high hopes for it.

The Sleeping Mask on the other hand didn't give any obvious results after the first night of usage, unlike the brand's other sleeping pack from the Aqua Drop line, which I have already done a mini review, here.

My last review for this post will be none other than The Face Shop's recent BB cream arrival from The Skin line.

Containing SPF 20, this BB cream is said to soothe irritated skin, moisturize, correct one's complexion with natural coverage and nourish our skin.

Day 1: I tried it on its own on my undereye area. Texture is very thick, unlike my regular Legere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB cream. I quickly learn that less is more, as the coverage of this BB cream is quite heavy. After I finish blending, there is a white cast to the area....patiently wait for half an hour before the cream corrects itself to my skin tone. However, after half an hour, one can still tell I've put something under my eyes. I'm running late, so I just leave the house. Lasts throughout the day, even through perspiration and the heat.

Day 2: I mix the Face Shop's BB cream with my Legere BB, and the result is better. Less of the heavy whitish cast and mixture of the creams is easier to blend in. I don't have to wait for half an hour before I can leave the house. 10 mins is all it takes. Lasts throughout the day and melts a little at about 9pm after my rehearsal.

Verdict: I wouldn't use the Face Shop's BB cream on its own, unless I'm going for a gig. However, the mixture of both the Face Shop and Legere creams ensures I get rather good coverage with all of the accompanying benefits of the Face Shop BB cream and the light-reflecting shimmer of Legere's Water Drop BB cream.