Friday, April 10, 2009

10 reasons why I don't like you

1. You're a man but you're so weak. So what if you're gay, gay men don't have to be weak.

2. There's a word to describe your not wanting to work and just enjoying life --- LAZY

3. You're snobbish

4. You look down on your own race

5. You may be in your 30s but hey, you still act like a immature teen.

6. Why must people always make the first move. Why can't you for once?!

7. because you always say you're an outcast. You know why? Coz you act like one!

8. because you say one thing and do another. You can't stand her, want to avoid her? Then walk the talk!

9. because you complain about everything and have excuses for anything.

10. you're a spoilt brat.

You leave a bad taste in my mouth

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