Wednesday, April 15, 2009

drama, music ...all in a day's work

Today was the first two shows of the Gamma:rays FYI series at the Esplanade. I can safely say everyone had a ball of a time and I certainly hope the schools that came did! Well, I know for certain that SJI boys did and I'm really excited about this, because a boy from SJI added me on Facebook. At first, I was wondering who this person was till I saw his affiliation with SJI! I know, ultimate coolness right? This, on the day of the show itself, shows that we really caught and held their attention and made an impression!

Then, I decided to check on our myspace and our email, and guess what? This same guy who added me on Facebook emailed us! The gist of it was to find out where they could get our music. That he would take the time to find out how to get to us was another level of coolness! I'm so excited I can't wait to tell the guys tomorrow!

Then of course drama must happen. I mean why can't they let sleeping dogs lie. She's left and thats the end of the story right? But why must they keep dropping subtle hints about this and that. Asking about what support and what fun is just doing injustice to the time you spent in GA.

Oh and coming back with a reply - "Oh how should I know...I'm not in GA" says alot about you. Your mind obviously has been poisoned and you shouldn't only trust what you hear when it is one-sided. But then again, I'm confused. You bitched so much about her the last time and she did the same about you. Yet, you still take her side. Oh well, I guess birds of a feather fly together.

Anyway, I'm glad you're not in GA. And for your information, there IS support and fun in GA. When ppl like you are not around to cause drama.

Thanks for leaving. :)

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